18 April 2012

What's been happenin' in da mummy-hood

Hello again.

Yes, I know, I'm sorry I have been pants recently. I have been trying to write blog posts then getting really frustrated with the giant bloggers block which decided to make itself at home in my brain! I have been getting really anxious that what I am writing is utter rubbish and people will turn around and say Oi, you! ... you're shit! then I thought you know what, screw you hypothetical people! It's my blog and if I want to write poop then so be it.

So I have a fair bit going on at the moment. The main bugger is mice. MICE! in MY home! The little buggers appeared about a week ago. I don't know how long they have been nesting in our house for but, to my horror, they decided to make an appearance last week. They are everywhere. 
I am freaking the hell out.
The stupid thing is, I didn't think I had a problem with mice. I had a hamster. I ruddy loved my hamster! (RIP Tiggy) I think my problem is that there are so many of the little critters carrying god knows what diseases and the thought of one crawling over my face in my sleep makes me shudder to my core. Bleuuuugh.
We have been setting traps, putting down poison and blocking holes with wire wool but they have somehow been managing to steal the food from the traps, avoid the poison and push the wire wool out of the holes no matter how tight we pack it.
Little bastards.
We have now contacted our landlord who is sending out the pest control guys. They couldn't come soon enough if you ask me! Mya thinks it's hilarious every time I think I see a mouse and I jump into the air like my arse is on fire. I have been so jumpy, I even flipped out today when my hair moved across my shoulder.
On a brighter note, my house is beautifully clean and tidy! I have become some super obsessive cleaning lady. I actually laughed at myself earlier eating a cookie over the sink! Cough cough - loser.

Apart from the invasion of mice in my home I have been freaking out about this coming weekend. On Saturday Mya is going to be 2 years old. Two, Two!
How the badger did that happen?
I'll tell you, bloody quickly, that's how.
I say I'm freaking out about her turning two but I am actually kind of excited. I love the stage she is at. She is such a nutter and makes me laugh every day with her total mental-ness. Yeah, she drives me crazy with her incessant whining and squawking but she's also my best friend. Is that sad? OK that is a little bit sad.
What can I say? At least someone laughs at my rubbish jokes!

We are having a birthday party for her at Chris's work. She had her first party there and had a wicked time so hopefully she will have a fab time this time too. Either that or she will hate it and be like 'Mum, you suck' and I will cry and die a little inside. Ahem. Lets hope she like it!

Oh yeah, I am pretty sure you will have noticed from the total obsessiveness of my picture taking that I have discovered Instagram! Oh how I loves it. I am already addicted. Here are a few pics I have taken through Instagram that I heart.

So that's what's been happenin' in da mummy-hood. Hope everyone is alrighty and will catch up with you soon to update you with the details of Mya's descent into the depths of the Terrible Two's. 
*Cue the music from The Exorcist*
Ha ha I am sure it's not that bad, is it? ... Is it?


7 April 2012

A little Easter fun

We woke this morning in search of a little Easter fun! 
We had hoped to go to the Easter fair at Over Farm but unfortunately for us it was raining.
But we thought screw it and went anyway.

Needless to say, we all got very wet! 
The majority of the rides were large inflatables intended for dry weather. 
The girls didn't seem to care and had a blast.