What Moo Said

Mya's has always been a slow talker. She seemed to put most of her energy into being a complete nut-case physically. She has been climbing, running, jumping, dancing and bouncing off walls for what seems like forever but has only recently started chatting a bit more.
I needn't have worried though, they say once they start something there's no stopping them. And they are right. Now I can't shut the kid up!
But I love it. I love hearing her learning new words and putting words together to make adorably clumsy sentences. And I love the stupidly cute mispronunciations.
It's the little things like that that often get scattered in the past and forgotten so I thought I would create a page where I can pop down all the cute and funny things Mya says.
I will update it continuously with more funny Moo-pronunciations.
So here it is.

I call it  What Moo Said.

Dunny - Dummy
Oh Dayer - Oh Dear
Not know - Don't know
Woody Story - Toy Story
Neck - Shrek
Snorree - Snail
Cottee - Coffee
Diggy-D - DVD
Minimals - Animals
Tick-tock - Hedgehog (video)
Polpol - Calpol
Rator-rator - Radiator
Raddit - Rabbit

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  1. Aw bless her! I love the way our toddlers interpret the words we say it's so sweet. Love the video too xxxx