31 March 2012

Mothers Day Card

On Mothers Day, I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card. Both were signed from Mya by Chris. I loved them but couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed that Chris hadn't got Mya to 'make her mark'!

Over the next couple of weeks I didn't think anything of it when Mya kept trying to climb up to get hold of my card. Every time I would tell her to get down before she hurt herself.

This morning she finally got hold of it and later on I discovered this ..

Little moo just wanted to sign it herself!

And she even gave me a tail!

29 March 2012

The Mummy Game

Oooh look at my pretty new blog!

If you have clicked onto this page expecting That's the baby game then I am sorry for the shock! I have been thinking about changing it for a while and when today blogger decided to cock up and delete all of my images I thought why not use the opportunity to have a blog makeover.

I decided to change the name of the blog because, well, Miss Moo turns 2 next month and it was starting to feel a little inappropriate having the word 'baby' in the title of my blog. As much as I loved the name That's the baby game, I felt it had come to a point where it needed updating.

I hope this change will encourage me to post a bit more. I started the blog as a way of recording Mya's childhood and I think I have been a bit relaxed and lazy with it recently. 

So here it is. It's not perfect yet and needs a lot of tweaking but you get the gist. So I am going to be working on some new badges and slowly putting all of the images back into the posts. I have managed a few but it is so tedious if I tried to do it all in one day I fear I may actually just collapse over my laptop and die :/

But, yeah. Just thought I would give you a quick update! All followers please make sure to re follow my blog to receive post updates!

Farewell That's the baby game. You were loved!

28 March 2012

The Gallery - Extreme close up

This weeks theme on the Gallery is Extreme Close Up.

I love close ups of my little moo. 
I don't often get an opportunity to get very close without her running away or trying to steal my camera. 
I managed to capture this photo while she was strapped into her car seat. 
Ha ha ha. no escape! 

I adore this photo.
Her beautiful long eyelashes,
the sparkle in her eyes,
her perfectly kissable lips.

My gorgeous girl. Close up.

27 March 2012

Waiting for our dentist appointment. Who's having more fun?

Mya and Daddy at the Dentists

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - By Mya

Yo yo!

So I am back again for Trendy Toddler Tuesday
I don't know about you but I am looooving this sunshine we are getting!

This week I have mostly been in my garden, soaking up the rays. 
I had my first BBQ this week (OMG total yumballs!) 
and have perfected the art of skipping.
As that Michael McIntyre dude says - 
"Skipping is magnificent! I'm practically flying!"

Today I am chillin' in the sun in a lovely pink smock top from Next. 
I love this top. It is pink and floaty and swishes spectacularly when I skip! 
Underneath I am wearing some super comfy 3/4 length jeggings and
on my feet are some cute pink pumps, both from Primark.
The heart shape sunglasses, again from Primark, were a total bargain at £1 and are decorated with a really sweet strawberry print. 

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22 March 2012

Coming off Citalopram - Part 4

Hey guys!

The past 8 months I have been coming off Citalopram. If you haven't been following my progress then you can read about it here: Coming off Citalopram.

So here goes.
You ready for it?

This is my last Coming off Citalopram post!

I can hear cheering in my head as I write this.


After I wrote the last post I took my last dose of 5mg and bit the bullet. The withdrawal was not as bad as I had expected. I think the weaning definitely made a huge difference as I still had the normal symptoms of coming off the pills but they were diluted. It wasn't pleasant by any stretch of the imagination and I felt like a total zombie for about a week but I pushed through and kept telling myself that it would get better. And it did, the symptoms just gradually faded away.

I had hoped that I could stay off anti depressants completely.
As I mentioned in the last post, I had Fluoxetine as a back up if the depression was still there. I felt fine for a couple of weeks and was pretty optimistic but unfortunately the depression hit again.

I started on Fluoxetine. I am currently taking 20mg as and when feel I need it. At the moment it is once every three days. I initially started taking them every day but found they made me too dizzy. I find by taking them last thing before I go to bed the dizziness isn't quite as strong by the time I get up the next day.

Although I am disappointed that I am still needing medication, I am so delighted that I am no longer addicted to Citalopram. So long suckers!

I just want to say a massive thank you to every one who has supported me along the way and to give hope to those who are still struggling to come off them. Stay strong, take it slow and don't beat yourself up if you take a step backwards. You will get there.

19 March 2012

You know you have a toddler when... Part Two

After a shower you run soaking wet and naked through your house chasing your towel which is being used as a cape.

You win 'hide and seek' by following the trail of sanitary towels stuck to the walls.

In the bottom of your coffee you find 6p in pennies and a Lego fireman.

You would really enjoy that lie in if it wasn't for the little finger up your nose.

You watch WWF wrestling to pick up tips for the next time you have to brush their teeth.

You question the spelling of your child's name as you have shouted it so many times it has started to sound wrong.

You swapped your handbag for a pocket on a Peppa Pig backpack.

The comfort toy is so 'loved' it looks like something the cat threw up.

You greet visitors with a glass of water and a couple of Nurofen.

Guests are greeted by your child by each being handed a pair of your worn knickers from the wash basket.

You freak out when the red spots don't disappear when you run a glass over them, then realise it's okay, it's just ketchup.

You smell burning ... You spend half an hour extracting cremated Pom Bears from inside the radiator with a pair of tweezers.

You find a pool of juice on the kitchen floor ... or is it juice?

You do the smell test.

You realise you just dipped your nose in pee.

You wonder what they are doing in the kitchen ... and then your washing machine turns on ... with nothing in it.

You forget you are shopping on your own and make car noises with the trolley.

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13 March 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - By Mya


So here's another quick posty for y'all. 
I was having a little mooch on twitter and discovered a fab little linky called Trendy Toddler Tuesday. 
I thought awesome I am a toddler, I am pretty darn trendy and it is indeed Tuesday! 
So here you go guys and gals ... my outfit of the week!

Here you can see me totally rocking a dungaree dress. A lovely little number from H&M, handed down to me by my best friend Bella (Cheers mate!). Underneath I am wearing a super cute fairy top and grey tights, both from Gap. The boots are a bargain from Sainsburys although they won't for for long 'cause mum only went and bought them in the size I'm growing out of! Duh mum .. totally duh! 

And below you can see that I have not compromised functionality for style. In this photo I am running at approximately 42 mph, proving that this outfit is not only trendy but you can also give that Sonic the hedgehog dude a run for his money without ripping your seams!

So that's it peeps. To see more totally trendy toddlers, click the link below.

Catch ya laterz!