13 March 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - By Mya


So here's another quick posty for y'all. 
I was having a little mooch on twitter and discovered a fab little linky called Trendy Toddler Tuesday. 
I thought awesome I am a toddler, I am pretty darn trendy and it is indeed Tuesday! 
So here you go guys and gals ... my outfit of the week!

Here you can see me totally rocking a dungaree dress. A lovely little number from H&M, handed down to me by my best friend Bella (Cheers mate!). Underneath I am wearing a super cute fairy top and grey tights, both from Gap. The boots are a bargain from Sainsburys although they won't for for long 'cause mum only went and bought them in the size I'm growing out of! Duh mum .. totally duh! 

And below you can see that I have not compromised functionality for style. In this photo I am running at approximately 42 mph, proving that this outfit is not only trendy but you can also give that Sonic the hedgehog dude a run for his money without ripping your seams!

So that's it peeps. To see more totally trendy toddlers, click the link below.

Catch ya laterz!



  1. i love the dungaree dress she looks so cute and comfortable. A very trendy little girl :-)

  2. Thanks! I love this outfit on her :)

  3. It is very sweet. I wish it would last a bit longer but as it is from Gap it is on the smaller side and she is already growing out of it :( xx

  4. I love he outfit, very trendy! She's super cute :)

  5. Pretty outfit! Absolutely love the dungaree dress! I buy them every year for my little one! Glad you joined in with the Trendy Toddler linky as you're rocking some serious style xx

  6. I LOVE the outfit! The top is amazing, a stylish little lady xx

  7. Thanks everyone :) I wish I was as trendy as my little Moo! So much easier to buy for little ones! Everything always looks good on them! xx

  8. Seriously adorable! I always say the girls get the better stuff! The last picture is amazing....she is definitely one trendy tot. Thanks for joining in...I LOVE seeing what everyone else is wearing :)