21 February 2012

Listography : 5 things that make me happy - By Mya


Long time no speakio.
I must apologise for this, my schedule has been jam packed (Mmmm, Jam!) with important toddler affairs. People to see, furniture to lick, you know the deal.
However on checking my diary today I discovered that I had a slot free to write a little post on ye olde bloggio!

I thought, today, I would join in with Kate takes 5's Listography. This week is all about things that make you happy. I will just jump right in. Here we goo ...

1. Monkey. He's like totally my best mate. Monkey - I loves you squishy dude!

2. Peppa Pig. Hi, my name is Mya and I am a Peppaholic. 

3. My Ma 'n' Pa. All jokes aside, good old Baldy and Tubbs are pretty cool. If not a little weird ..

4. Food. All food. And if it's your food it tastes even better! 

5. Dancin'. There's nothing quite like a good old boogie I say! Get those endolphin thingys swimming around ya!  

Well that's five! I could go on with more things but I have a pressing appointment with a fridge door that is in dire need of magnet rearrangement. 

Catch ya later guys!


  1. I have a Peppaholic in my house too!

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah I would hate to think how much we have spent on Peppa Pig stuff since she discovered it!
    Haha she definitely loves to boogie!

  3. Ha a very comprehensive list - what more do you need in life?!

  4. hehe - Peppa Pig makes everyone happy in this house too, not forgetting George - we love him too x