29 March 2012

The Mummy Game

Oooh look at my pretty new blog!

If you have clicked onto this page expecting That's the baby game then I am sorry for the shock! I have been thinking about changing it for a while and when today blogger decided to cock up and delete all of my images I thought why not use the opportunity to have a blog makeover.

I decided to change the name of the blog because, well, Miss Moo turns 2 next month and it was starting to feel a little inappropriate having the word 'baby' in the title of my blog. As much as I loved the name That's the baby game, I felt it had come to a point where it needed updating.

I hope this change will encourage me to post a bit more. I started the blog as a way of recording Mya's childhood and I think I have been a bit relaxed and lazy with it recently. 

So here it is. It's not perfect yet and needs a lot of tweaking but you get the gist. So I am going to be working on some new badges and slowly putting all of the images back into the posts. I have managed a few but it is so tedious if I tried to do it all in one day I fear I may actually just collapse over my laptop and die :/

But, yeah. Just thought I would give you a quick update! All followers please make sure to re follow my blog to receive post updates!

Farewell That's the baby game. You were loved!

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