22 March 2012

Coming off Citalopram - Part 4

Hey guys!

The past 8 months I have been coming off Citalopram. If you haven't been following my progress then you can read about it here: Coming off Citalopram.

So here goes.
You ready for it?

This is my last Coming off Citalopram post!

I can hear cheering in my head as I write this.


After I wrote the last post I took my last dose of 5mg and bit the bullet. The withdrawal was not as bad as I had expected. I think the weaning definitely made a huge difference as I still had the normal symptoms of coming off the pills but they were diluted. It wasn't pleasant by any stretch of the imagination and I felt like a total zombie for about a week but I pushed through and kept telling myself that it would get better. And it did, the symptoms just gradually faded away.

I had hoped that I could stay off anti depressants completely.
As I mentioned in the last post, I had Fluoxetine as a back up if the depression was still there. I felt fine for a couple of weeks and was pretty optimistic but unfortunately the depression hit again.

I started on Fluoxetine. I am currently taking 20mg as and when feel I need it. At the moment it is once every three days. I initially started taking them every day but found they made me too dizzy. I find by taking them last thing before I go to bed the dizziness isn't quite as strong by the time I get up the next day.

Although I am disappointed that I am still needing medication, I am so delighted that I am no longer addicted to Citalopram. So long suckers!

I just want to say a massive thank you to every one who has supported me along the way and to give hope to those who are still struggling to come off them. Stay strong, take it slow and don't beat yourself up if you take a step backwards. You will get there.


  1. Well done sweetie, so glad you made it xx

  2. Well done hunny! You have done brilliantly. xxxx

  3. Thanks :) I'm so happy I finally managed to do it! xxx