5 November 2011

Fifteen random things about me ...

1. I have never (touch wood) broken a bone in my body

2. I cannot under any circumstances wear a pair of odd socks .. its a weird obsessive compulsive thing.

3. I have cankles

4. I am officially the laziest person in the world

5. Taking into account the above, as a kid, I wanted to be an olympic runner!

6. I hate all sports on television. I hate football the most

7. I would definitely become a lesbian for Angelina Jolie

8. I don't like crisps or biscuits or cereal or toffee .. they all get stuck in your teeth *shudder*

 9. I have seen 3 dead bodies in my life .. only one was family

10. I Hate Star Wars

11. I have the same size hands as a cambodian midget

12. In a double bed I always have to sleep furthest away from the door so that in the case of an axe murderer the other person will be killed first giving me precious seconds to make an escape

13. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up

14. I really REALLY hate Star Wars

 15. Im scared of daddy long legs, moths, may bugs, butterflies, birds (unless caged), submarines, space, armageddon and fish


  1. I'm sorry! What did I do to you as a child to make you into this! :) xxx

  2. Ha, ha - I too always have to sleep furthest away from the door incase of any scary intruders I don't know whether that makes us clever or completely horrible to our partners! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the liebster blog award. Visit my blog www.comfyslipperslittlenippers.blogspot.com to see what its all about. Congrats.

  3. Ha ha it makes us very clever!
    Thank you very much! x