5 November 2011

Grammy Soo and Grumpy's House

The other day, Mum and me packed all of our stuff and set off on a trip to go see Grammy Soo and Grumpy.
Grammy and Grumpy are my my Mum's Mummy and Step-daddy.
They live in Wales which is a land far far away. And there are lots of sheep ... and rain!

The drive there took ages!
Mum spent a lot of the time singing (very, very badly) and complaining that she was bored. Seriously, I had to yell at her to shut up at one point!
I was trying to catch up on my beauty sleep!

I was woken half way through the journey to a loud clattering of rain. Mum was shrieking that she couldn't see where she was going! I nearly pooped my nappy!
But soon the rain subsided and this thing appeared in the sky. It looked like a glowing halo of crayons.
Mum said it was called a Rainbow.
It. was. beautiful.

Grammy cuggles
When we got to Grammy and Grumpy's house I was pleased to get out of the car. My poor little baby butt had gone numb!

 I was very happy to see my Grammy. She welcomed us into the house with a big grin and gave me a big cuddle, burying my face into her wild, silver mane of hair!
Grumpy hid behind the door and peeked around saying 'Heeeere's Grumpy!' like in that film The Shining (which my mum says I am far too young to watch! pfft).
Grumpy thinks he's very funny!

While Grumpy walked the dogs and Mum was comatose on the sofa, downing what looked like a duplo bucket full of coffee, me and Grammy played lots of games, including building blocks, hide and seek and the Hanging me upsy-down game, my favourite!

Look at me - I'm totally upside down!

When we were done playing games, I took a wander around. Grammy and Grumpy do not live in a house. It is a Zoo! They have lots of animals including a chameleon, three parrots, two cats and too many dogs to count, Mum said there are nearly ten!
My favourites were the cats (Reeves and Mortimer). But they didn't seem to like me much, every time I tried to chase them and give them a big cuddle, they ran away!
*This is La-La, she is yellow,
therefore La-low!
Their loss ... my cuddles are da best!

It is very cold at Grammy and Grumpy's so, at bed time, mum wrapped me up in about ten layers of pyjamas and tucked me into my travel cot with enough blankets to warm an Eskimo. Lovely jubbly. I snuggled up with my *La-low and my Monkey and drifted off into the land of Noddington.

I woke up in the night to darkness. I know it gets dark at night (duh) but I mean it was really dark! I couldn't even see my hands in front of my face! I cried out for mum thinking I had gone blind! Mum scooped me up and cuddled me in bed with her. I fell back asleep with my hands holding her face and my nose touching hers just to make sure she didn't go anywhere. And she didn't!
I woke up in the morning next to Mum who was still fast asleep. I tried prodding her cheek to wake her up but she was still out for the count. I bounced on the bed a bit and sang the 'Mumma' song. (which was inspired by this little piece of genius...)

She eventually woke up when I prised her eyes open with my fingers and giggled so much I dribbled a bit on her face!

Not long after being up, I had jumped on Grammy and Grumpy's bed and got them up, mum had downed her bucket of coffee, got me dressed and fed and we were ready to go exploring out in the garden!
Their garden is awesome! It is full of mud.
Mud and chickens!

Me in my Wellington boots!
This is me telling mum I would totally fit in the giant bowl!
'Come on Grammy, faster! I see chickens!'
Hi there Chickens! I'm Mya, pleased to meet you!
This is Grumpy in a cage!
Not really sure why but it was pretty funny!

Soon after exploring it was time to leave. Mum changed my muddy clothes and packed up all of our things.
I didn't want to say goodbye to Grammy and Grumpy so soon but I was getting tired and was looking forward to going home and seeing Dad.
After lots of cuggles goodbye, Mum and me strapped ourselves into the car and set off back home.

I slept most of the way home, only waking in short bursts to shout at Mum to stop singing. Because plugging my fingers into my ears wasn't a big enough hint!
Seriously, her singing is truly abysmal. She couldn't carry a tune in a basket!

When we got home, Mum immediately crashed on the sofa and I snuggled up with her watching Peppa Pig.

I loved my adventures in Wales but there really is no place like home.

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  1. Aw sounds like a wonderful time! This really made me giggle x