31 October 2011

Toddler tip of the day

This Halloween, I am not in costume, I have no fake blood streaked over my face and no make-up, but I assure you, my appearance is quite terrifying.
I sit here with my hair on end, deep black circles under my eyes, and an expression on my face that could cause The Hulk himself to cower in fear.
For this Halloween, I am myself ...

... Sleep-deprived-mother-of-teething-toddler.

The last couple of days, my beautiful, charming, funny little girl has been replaced (possessed, if you will) with a little monster that screams, hits, moans, whines and does not take NO for an answer.
I. am. exhausted.

Mya has quickly learned to say and ask for Calpol, or, as she calls it, Polpol!
I, as many mothers will agree, am in awe of the magical powers of that sticky pink goo.
But there comes a point in the day when the magic wears off.

This is when I bust out the frozen peas.

Oh yes! You heard right. Frozen peas.

One time while quickly trying to make an angry, teething toddler her dinner, I accidentally dropped some frozen peas out of the bag. Before I could pick them all up, her speedy little baby hands had grabbed a few and deposited them into her mouth.
I waited for her little tongue to poke out and her face to crease in revulsion.
But there was nothing.
No screaming. No whinging. No moaning.
Had I gone deaf?
She swallowed.
Then as she began to screw up her face, pre-whinge, I offered her another pea.
Again, silence.

The cold soothes her gums and they defrost quickly in her mouth making them easy to swallow. They even class as one of her 5 a day! Talk about killing two birds ...

So now whenever I am in between Calpol dosages and distraction, cuddles and love are futile, out come the frozen peas.

Little pot of peas = Little moment of peace


  1. WOW Excellent tip, I will try that one. Thanks :)

  2. Ahhh now my boy was the same! He loved frozen peas but I had forgotten about that until I read this! Will try them out with my daughter now she is teething :)