24 October 2011

My memory box - By Mya

Hi everybody!

Today, I thought I would share with you my awesome memory box that my mum has put together for me. Obviously it's not finished yet because I'm not done making memories! But here are some of the things in there so far ...

So this is the box. It's pretty dusty and battered. My mum said its was Great Grandparents' so it must be really really old!

Oh look there's all my things!!  >>>

<< Okay so let's start from the beginning! When I saw this I was like 'Gross, I'm not touching that!' Cos my mum totally peed on it! But it's pretty cool, cos that was the actual test my mum took when she found out that I was like this big --> O <-- in her tummy!

>> Hey look! So when my mum had me in her tummy, she went to the doctors and they put this squishy wet stuff on her tummy and poked it with a camera that sees through skin! Cool right! Here's the pictures it made.
My mum said I look just like I did in the scan picture.

I think shes a bit mad.

<< When I came out of my mum's tum, they put a bracelet on me and my mum to make sure that we were who we said we were. But it was wicked cos they personalised them so we were matching! We were like bracelet buddies!

>> Seriously how cute are these!? Those are my very first little outfits!

<< These are all the cards we got to celebrate the the coolest baby being born ... that's me by the way!

>> This is part of the feeding chart my mum kept for the first few days of my life.
I was an awful feeder. They later figured out that I have a dairy intolerance and had pretty bad reflux which meant I never took a full feed in one go. So at one point I would drink only a couple of ounces every half hour!
How my mum didn't throw me out of the window I will never know!
Mum if you are reading this, I salute you! 

<< These are my hand prints that my mum took when I was only 10 weeks old. She liked them so much she even got a tattoo of one of them!

>> That's mums tattoo! It's back to front but the writing underneath says Mya Rose.

<< Before I met my best mate Monkey, my closest friend was Sheepy. This is he.
He went everywhere with me so as you can see he is pretty battered and dirty despite going for a swim in the washing machine countless times!
I caught my mum trying to throw him away once! (Shame on you mother!)
But I managed to rescue him and decided to keep him safe in my memory box.

>> For my first Christmas mum dressed me up in this super cool red hat and took photos. I think she said it was Santa's hat. I don't know who Santa is but he's got some style!
Anyway she sent off the photos to the *Pigmoon and this awesome card came back!

* I have just been informed that it is actually called Moonpig and it is a website that makes cards using your own photos! Cool eh?

<< This was the candle on my first birthday cake! My first birthday was amazing! I had an awesome party where my whole family came and watched me running around dressed as a fairy!

>> This is me at my birthday party. Check out those wings!

<< These some of the cards I got for my birthday!

So those are a few bits in my memory box! I hope that my mum will keep saving little pieces of my past to put in there because it's pretty fab looking back on it all!

Anyhoo that's all for now,
Speak soon,

Mya moo xxx

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