15 October 2011

Toddler tip of the day - By Mya

This is my Monkey. I loves him
There is nothing quite like falling asleep cuddling your favourite soft toy and sucking on your dummy.
But there is nothing more totally awful than waking up in the night to find your dummy has vanished!

You search all around the cot, under your pillow, behind your freaky looking teddy (that your mum insists is cute) but it's gone!

So all that is left to do is scream! 
Your mum or dad come running in to find the dummy which after ten minutes of frantic searching they find wedged between the cot and the wall. But by the time dummy is found and returned to your mouth you are wide awake and pretty darn moody! Bad times.

Mum had this fab idea one day (I think I actually saw the lightbulb appear above her head!) to tie my dummy to my Monkey. As said by a very wise meerkat ... Simples!
Now when my dummy falls out of my mouth all I have to do is find my Monkey and I can go back to sleep no problemo!

This is me sleeping like a baby ... haha geddit?!

Good times!

(For health and safety purposes my mum always makes sure the cord is too short to wrap around my neck .. cos no-one likes to be strangled in their sleep now do they?)

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