11 October 2011

Swimming - By Mya

Hi guys!

So, mum took me swimming this morning.
Swimming rocks!
And I don't like to boast but I am pretty awesome at it!

I first went swimming when I was just over a year old. Mum didn't take me before then because of my reflux. She figured because of the acoustics in a swimming pool, if I started screaming there would be glass shattering consequences! She was probably right, I have one hell of a scream (Seriously, Mariah Carey couldn't hit those highs!)
When we went swimming for the first time I was pretty scared. I mean what the hell, it's like a giant bath tub! You could totally lose your rubber ducky in that thing! And plus, it was full of other babies and toddlers. I mean, I am all for socialising but mum had dressed me in this horrendously pink, frilly swimming costume. It was so embarrassing. Seriously, she may as well have put a bonnet on me as well. I looked like Little Bo Peep!
Thanks mum.
Anyway, as we were going down the ladder into the giant bath tub, I held it all together and was so brave. I didn't cry or anything! Despite putting on a brave face, I was bricking it! I held on to my mum so tight.
I could tell mum was nervous about me getting upset and screaming cos her eyes were all wide and her voice went all high and squeaky. She was freaking me out a bit. But as she relaxed a bit I eased into the water more and realised that, hey, this was actually pretty fun!
I splished and splashed and sploshed all over the place and laughed when some water went in mums eye. Haha, her mascara smeared all down her face! What sort of a plonker wears non-waterproof mascara in a swimming pool! What a moose!
Despite my initial reservations, I was pretty impressed with swimming and was looking forward to the next trip.

The next time we went, however, I had been up in the night with some serious teething pain (Calpol wasn't even helping!) so I just wasn't in the mood. I had tried whinging all morning to try and put mum off taking me but we went anyway.
In the changing rooms, mum seemed a lot more relaxed than the first time we went. She was happily chatting to the other mums and cooing over their babies. I was in a foul mood so decided to take her down a peg or two.
As she held me in my disgusting Bo Peep costume, talking to one of the mums, I realised this was it. Payback time! So...
I totally peed all down her! Haha, you should have seen her face! She tried to pretend nothing had happened while brushing her leg down.
Then just when she thought no one had noticed... I did it again!! Oh it was hilarious.
That'll teach her to ignore me!
Despite the pee, we still went swimming. Seeing as she still hadn't got the message that I wasn't in the mood I decided to test out those acoustics. I belted out a good ten minutes of screams until mum finally gave in and took me home.

I am surprised my mum took me back swimming again after that but I am so glad she did. We go most weeks now and I love it! As soon as we hit that water I rule that pool!

Here's a video of me swimming with my dad. Check me out!

So thats me swimming! Water baby extraordinaire!
Anyways must dash. Mum just found my artwork on the bedroom wall. Uh-oh. HIDE!!

Speak soon,
Mya moo xxx


  1. Awww how lovely! What a clever little thing :)

  2. ha ha ha ha. Little A used to poo in the pool most weeks i took her.

  3. Im lucky mya has never pooed in the pool! Although I always put a swim nappy on her just incase! lol

  4. This is great. I've never been brave enough to take mine swimming. This has inspired me! :)

  5. You definitely should! I am so glad I took Mya, she loves it and hopefully she can grow up comfortable in water and not terrified of it like I was growing up! :)