10 October 2011

Duck says Raaa

Mya has found her voice.

I haven't a clue how she managed to hide something so huge!
It is as though she has found the remote control for her voice and pressed Play.

It is amazing how it has gone from one moment, me worrying she wasn't making any effort to talk, to the next, trying desperately to understand the streams of sentences that make absolutely no sense!
She is sat there talking and talking while I am thumbing through the yellow pages trying to find a Cryptologist to hire so maybe I can decipher what she is trying to tell me!

Because, really, I haven't a clue!

Earlier she came up to me and said with a very serious face, Lee gwaida badger joo ga dye. I nodded and agreed. She then proceeded to empty the contents of the crockery cupboard onto the kitchen floor. I shall remember not to agree to Lee gwaida badger joo ga dye next time. See, I am slowly learning her language!

As well as learning odd words, she has also learned certain phrases and I find it amazing how she always uses them in context with the situation. For instance, when she builds a tower, or climbs her highchair or does something she is proud of she exclaims I did it! And when she she hides and we say Where's Mya? She emerges from her hiding place and announces, excitedly, Dare see is!
Too cute!

She loves animal sounds at the moment too.
She roars like a lion, hisses like a snake, meow's like a cat and quacks like a duck. Although sometimes these get a little confused and a duck says Raaa.
I get it. That's way more fun!

I love watching her vocal development and I can often see her trying really hard to repeat words I am saying to her. Every day she learns something new and its lovely seeing her little face light up when she knows she has said something right.

It's funny, I loved watching her crawl for the first time and I marvelled in her first steps but watching and hearing her learn to speak fills me with such pride and adoration knowing that part of that she has learned from me. It's so incredible seeing the bud of a tiny person flowering with new knowledge and skills.
So wonderful.

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