31 January 2012

finding 'me' again

It has been a while!

I haven't really blogged since before I moved house just before Christmas.
It feels weird to be back.
To be honest, I didn't know if I would be back.
I loved blogging but after I moved, I fell into a bit of a depression. I was thrown into this new house, in a new area and I felt as though I had moved all of my belongings but left 'me' behind.
Finally, I feel now, after lots of tears, a packet of Beta Blockers and a shed load of junk food, like I am starting to adjust.
It took a while. To let go of the old place. To find 'me' again.

You may have noticed the blog looks different!
Well I have celebrated finding 'me' again with a blog makeover!
A new look for a new start!

It's good to be back!

I thought seeing as I have been gone so long that I would fill you in on some of the things you have missed.
The thing is, that because of my anxiety and depression, you haven't missed a lot!
So to save you a months worth of moaning and self pity, I will update you with some photos!
They are mainly of Mya because, well, no one wants to see pictures of me in my pyjamas with my head buried inside a bag of Doritos, crying because my ass has fused to the sofa!

And the winner of Cutest Pout 2012 goes to....

Just chillin mum!

Giggles with my little nutter
I turned 25!
Where's my Zimmer?!


I put my foot down at letting her sleep with her Peppa Pig shaped bubble bath ...
... here are some of the things that did make it in!

'Helping' mummy sweep the leaves!

Cheeky Moo

You can also watch some super cute video clips on TTBG's YouTube!

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