2 January 2012

Listography - My top 5 photos of 2011

In my first proper post of the year, I have chosen to share with you five of my most loved photos from 2011.
Choosing only five photos from my monstrous collection of snaps proved to be a lot easier than expected.
Thinking about how I could possibly choose only five brought me out in a cold sweat so I took the easy option. I simply scrolled through the photos and picked the top 5 which jumped out at me, evoking the most emotion.
These were the five which made me all warm and gooey inside.

1. I chose this photo simply due to the fact that it is awesome. It is a very grainy, bad quality photo taken on my old Blackberry but I adore it. I love the beautiful mess, the glorious gummy grin and the glimmer of pure joy and a hint of mania in her eyes, having just discovered the existance of chocolate!

2. When Mya turned one, I felt sad. My baby was growing up too fast. But after realising that shaking my fist at the unfairness of time was pointless and, in fact, wasting even more precious time, I took a look at my little girl and this is what I saw. The most beautiful little fairy princess, enjoying her very first birthday party. And I no longer felt sad.

3. Taken not long after the previous picture, this is one of the only photos of me and Mya where neither of us are pulling a silly face or grinning inanely. I have always loved natural photos where emotion isn't forced and this is a lovely, relaxed shot of us both enjoying the sun and watching the ducks on the pond.

4. I love this photo. This was Mya's first trip to the seaside. It was a wonderful, spur of the moment trip to the beach with my mum and Mya. Mya loved it. Her little legs couldn't carry her fast enough as she bounded into the waves. This photo reminds me of that day and Mya's first trip to See the Sea!

5. And last but not least, I chose this snap, just because it makes me chuckle. My beautiful weirdo.

Happy new year everyone!



  1. She is so beautiful, you must be sooo proud! A lovely choice of photos and lovely to see the difference a few months makes!

  2. Thank you :D yes, I am so so proud. I looked back through the photos and couldn't believe how much she has changed in just one year!

  3. Thanks :) happy new year to you too!

  4. Lovely pictures hun. Happy New Year to you all xxx

  5. I love that it's the memories combined with the actual photos that make peoples list. Lovely! Thanks for joining in. x