21 September 2011

That's the baby game ...

This is me. Natasha. Also known as ... Tasha. No nicknames I am afraid.

Let me start by explaining the name of the blog. That's the baby game.
After I had my daughter, Mya (Also known as Miss moo) my stepfather decided it would be amusing to respond to every one of my comments about daily baby life with 'That's the baby game...'

'Mya spent all day screaming!' ... 'That's the baby game...'
'Mya just puked in my hair!' ... 'That's the baby game...'
'Mya took a poo out of her nappy and put it in my shoe!' ... 'That's the baby game...'

Annoying. Yes.
But he has a point.

So I decided to start a blog.
A small window into the life of a slightly crazed mother ...


  1. Ahhh it's good to find out the meaning behind the name!
    A lovely introduction my dear :)

  2. Oooh, great introduction. And I love your blog's name too. Especially now I know the reason behind it. In fact I might start saying "That's the baby game" to my husband when he moans about baby things! X

  3. great first post

  4. Thanks! haha you should use the phrase ... it bugs the hell out of whoever you say it to! :D x