27 September 2011

the park

I woke this morning to a wonderful stream of sunlight, cascading through my window like a golden waterfall.
Well that's a very poetic way of looking at it.
It was more like Chris, close those bloody blinds, that frigging sun is burning into my brain!!
I don't do mornings.
However, a (large) coffee and (potent) nappy change later I was sufficiently awake enough to appreciate the fact that it was indeed a beautiful day.
Having been stuck in the house for days with a moody Mya, I seized the opportunity to emerge from the darkness of our flat into the bright outdoors.
Mya loves being outside.
The moment I put her little shoes and socks on and we step outside our front door, her little face beams with delight. Her tiny toddler legs cannot move any quicker as she launches herself into the fresh air.
Today, with my usual, total lack of imagination we went to the local park.
The local park is not an alluring place.
In fact, it is a dump.
When Mya whizzes down the slide in glee I am forced to read in red permanent marker that Amy B luvvs Ryan G. I don't know who Amy B is but maybe she should just tell Ryan she loves him ... or spend more time in English lessons, learning how to spell.
When Mya runs up to me with a cheeky grin I look down to see she is handing me a half empty can of Strongbow and when I throw it out of her reach a local chav child yells at me that's f*ckin litterin luv ennit.

But despite the fact that you need a Hepatitis B vaccination in order to enter that park, Mya loves it.
And kicking away a few broken glass bottles is okay with me if I get to see this beautiful face...


... I love how children find beauty and joy in the most undesirable places ...

... although I should probably start looking for a new park!

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