21 September 2011

Mya Rose

When that pregnancy test produced two red lines I knew that I was in for a whole world of change. I was scared. Scared, but stupidly excited. I mean there was going to be another 'me' in the world ... a smaller, cuter, squishier me! What could be more exciting?

I loved being pregnant. It was magical.
It was also a total bitch.

I had the classic ALL DAY sickness (whoever called it 'morning' sickness has a nose to rival Pinocchio's!), Gastroenteritis, Swine flu (One week before being offered the swine flu jab... yes, just my luck!) and Sciatica from the depths of HELL!!

Aside from all of that I LOVED being pregnant!

It was the one time in my life that I felt beautiful (blooming, if you will).
I took my chance to eat everything and anything i could get my preggo hands on.
- Cravings included baked beans (TINS and TINS of baked beans) I was a baked beans connoisseur!
- Strawberry Yazoo. My fridge was full of the glorious pink milk!
- Chocolate. I was heavily pregnant through Easter ... need I say more?
- Food ... All food. It was all so good!

I was a little obsessed with my pregnancy. Yes, I was one of those pregnant girls who would explain in detail to strangers how I was 16 weeks and 3 days and 10 hours and 13 minutes pregnant or how i had only two weeks and 3 days until my baby may have fingernails!!!
I feel sorry for my friends and family and anyone who innocently asked how far along I was but, hey, I had a tiny-weeny-little life growing inside me. It.was.awesome.

The weeks leading up to labour I was on edge. Nesting like a crazy woman! Now, I am not a 'clean freak' but I cleaned, and cleaned ... and cleaned! I scrubbed tiles, and door handles. Cleaned smudges off walls. Washed, folded and refolded all the little baby grows. Packed and unpacked my hospital bag. And when I was done with that I would start all over again!

After 40 weeks my due date finally came. I woke up on the morning of my due date and half expected to lift up my covers to see the baby there. There was no baby. It was like waking up on Christmas day to discover Santa had been delayed. So.. like a mad lady I proceeded to drown myself in Raspberry Leaf tea and bounce on my birthing ball until I could bounce no more! But still no baby. I gave in and flopped on the sofa.
Later that evening I had my first contraction whilst watching Graham Norton. I was thrilled. It was finally happening. I spent the whole night timing the contractions. Eyes wide open glued to the clock. In the morning I sent my boyfriend (now fiance), Chris, off to work, only to call him back an hour later thinking my waters had broken. Off we went to the hospital. I was strapped up to the machine and was told I was 2cm dilated and was regularly contracting every 4-5 minutes. But my waters were still intact ... I was quietly informed I had probably just peed myself ... whoops!
I left the hospital excited and pleased that I was coping so well with the contractions. How hard can this be? I thought to myself ... famous.last.words.
After a short nap in the afternoon I went to turn the TV on and felt a big pop and a gush of water, soaking my trousers. 'Chris!! This isn't pee ... I'm totally not peeing myself this time!' I shouted. I went and sat on the toilet, waters still trickling and got Chris to call the labour ward whilst the most horrific pain coursed through every cell in my body. I was shaking. This was just the start and the pain was unbearable. One thought ... oh shit.
The rest seemed a bit of a blur. Yelling... there was a LOT of yelling.
'Gas and Airs not working!!' 'Pethedine!!' 'Give me the EPIDURAL!!!'
After 6 hours yelling, and kicking and throwing bath water everywhere I finally got the epidural.
Oh yes ... Like a drunkard I proclaimed my love to the anaesthesiologist.
Not long after the epidural was administered I was yelling for a top-up. It had failed. NOOO!
Luckily not long after that I began to push. Biting down on the gas and air I pushed with every ounce of strength I had left in me. Get.this.child.out.of.me!!!
One hour of pushing and an episiotomy later, at 4.06am my gorgeous (albeit slightly squished-old-man looking) baby girl was born and placed into my arms. There are no words to describe the intensity of emotions that I had right at that moment. A drug addict could not get that high!

I was in love.

Mya Rose - 6lbs

Let the 'Baby game' begin ...


  1. Oh she is gorgeous! And so are you considering what you were doing just before that pic! With you on the pain thing - you wonder how you are ever going to get to the end. Thanks for linking up to my Birth Stories http://www.actuallymummy.co.uk/2011/11/15/share-your-birth-story-2/

  2. Aw thanks :-) apart from all the mascara down my face! Haha.
    Yeah she was a cutie. Dinky little thing!
    Thanks for reading!